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144 Typing Practice & Free Typing Lessons. Try now.


144 Typing Practice & Free Typing Lessons. Try Now.




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TypeRacer / Type Racer - Free Typing Game For Adults

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ZType - Free Typing Game For Adults

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Zombie Typing Game Typocalypse - Free Typing Game For Adults

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Dance Mat Typing - Free Typing Game For Kids & Adults

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Keyboard Climber 2 - Free Typing Game For Kids & Adults

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Save The Child - Free Typing Game For Kids

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Typing Test — Top 10 (ten) World Ranking

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WPM = Words per minute

Sl. Name Level Net WPM Accuracy Country
1. Astone Banda Fluent 54 100.00% Zambia
2. Astone Banda Fluent 53 100.00% Zambia
3. Shordae Carswell Fluent 53 89.80% United States
4. Astone Banda Fluent 52 100.00% Zambia
5. Astone Banda Fluent 51 100.00% Zambia
6. Astone Banda Fluent 50 100.00% Zambia
7. Astone Banda Fluent 50 100.00% Zambia
8. Astone Banda Fluent 49 100.00% Zambia
9. Astone Banda Fluent 48 100.00% Zambia
10. Astone Banda Fluent 48 100.00% Zambia

How we grade your typing speed:

Level Net WPM
Slow 0 - 25
Average 26 - 45
Fluent 46 - 60
Fast 61 - 80
Professional 80+

Performance Graph — Based on top 10 (ten) world ranking

English Typing Test - Online Typing Test in English - What you may need to know

Surely, there are many typing speed test apps found online. I have used some of them. Some are good and some are not better than average.  I used my typing learning experience to develop this typing speed test app. This app is easy to use and quite straightforward.

Do not be frustrated if you find your speed is not very good or even average. Try to figure out why your typing speed is slow in this typing speed test. Are you using the wrong fingers? If so, you can use the other app named as “Finger Indicator.”

On homepage, you will find two Youtube.com videos. Those videos have some professional advice to enhance your typing skills. You can follow those suggestions. There are other  apps on this site such as Fast Typing, Typing Practice, and Alphabet practice. You may give a try to find if those are useful for you.

Patience is important if you want to reach the Professional level. Those people who reach the Professional level have surely tremendous typing speed and/or skill.

I wish you success so that you can reach the Professional level soon.


Typing Test — Last 25 Practice Results

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The following list shows how some users of this website have performed within last 24 hours.

WPM = Words per minute

Sl. Name Level Net WPM Accuracy Country
1. OLUWATOSIN K AKINDURO Average 35 100% United States
2. OLUWATOSIN K AKINDURO Average 38 97.41% United States
3. Lynda Hines Average 42 97.66% United States
4. Shordae Carswell Fluent 53 89.8% United States
5. Astone Banda Average 45 97.82% Zambia
6. Astone Banda Average 42 97.69% Zambia
7. Astone Banda Average 40 90.87% Zambia
8. Astone Banda Fluent 46 95.85% Zambia
9. Astone Banda Average 45 91.8% Zambia
10. Astone Banda Average 41 95.39% Zambia
11. Astone Banda Average 44 89.8% Zambia
12. Astone Banda Fluent 46 97.86% Zambia
13. Astone Banda Average 40 88.99% Zambia
14. Astone Banda Average 40 90.83% Zambia
15. Astone Banda Fluent 48 100% Zambia
16. Astone Banda Fluent 48 96% Zambia
17. Astone Banda Fluent 48 97.97% Zambia
18. Astone Banda Fluent 47 97.91% Zambia
19. Astone Banda Average 43 97.72% Zambia
20. Astone Banda Average 40 93.09% Zambia
21. Astone Banda Average 36 85.71% Zambia
22. Astone Banda Average 39 100% Zambia
23. Astone Banda Average 40 95.26% Zambia
24. Astone Banda Average 42 97.69% Zambia
25. Astone Banda Average 38 100% Zambia

How we grade your typing speed:

Level Net WPM
Slow 0 - 25
Average 26 - 45
Fluent 46 - 60
Fast 61 - 80
Professional 80+

Performance Graph — Based on last 25 results

Learn how to type and also how to type faster - tips to improve your typing speed and achieve better typing test scores

Hello dear friend! How fast can you type? Did you ever wonder how fast I type? We have answered this question. While most people can type 40 words per minute, experts can type 80+ words per minute. In the following guide, we shall show you how to learn typing online. You will also learn how to type faster.

Many users of this website have achieved 100+ WPM (words per minute) scores in typing test WPM. Do you know how this is possible in typing tests? Although there are several reasons behind such high scores in typing tests, there are two main reasons – (a) muscle memory and (b) practice, practice, and practice.

Muscle memory can be defined as “when you do the same task over and over again, your body and brain learn to perform this task without conscious effort”. The more you practice, the better muscle memory is achieved. At this stage, your fingers know where the keys are positioned in the keyword. So, you do not need to look at the keyboard to type anything.

If you follow the typing training tips and techniques below, you can achieve 100+ typing test WPM without looking at the screen of your device such as a computer. A good typing speed will help you years after years by saving time, gaining higher productivity, ensuring efficiency, and many more.

Why touch typing is important

When someone looks down at the keyboard and selects the right keys one-by-one, it is called hunt-and-peck typing. When someone types without looking at the keyboard, it is called touch-typing. The average typing words per minute of hunt-and-peck typing is 40 words per minute but it is often more than 75 words per minute for touch-typing. So, touch-typing can help us achieve 87.50% typing speed.

Do not go back

Most people have the bad habit of typing with only two fingers or a few fingers. They are very comfortable with this habit and feel strong resistance from their inner side as soon as they need to change the habit and get used to using all the fingers of both hands.

Surely, it can take weeks before your fingers get conditioned to take control of the keys they are responsible for. At the beginning, this can be uncomfortable free typing tests WPM. But do not give up (even if your initial progress is slow) and go back to your previous typing habit. Have patience and keep trying.

Do not use your hunt and peck method any more in your offline or online typing test / speed typing test. Leave it behind forever. Try a free typing test right now on our free typing lessons test if you wish to.

Do not look at the keys when you type and practice typing test

The fact is - looking at the keyboard actually slows a typist down. So, you should memorize the position of each key. When you start practicing, you may make mistakes. But it is OK. No one became an expert typist without making mistakes.

Just remember that the more you practice, the better your fingers will automatically be able to find the right key and press it without your conscious effort. This way your muscle memory will grow.

But if you look at the keys and type, this will delay your learning. In fact, this is the incorrect way of learning typing. So, try to avoid this from day one.

Another important suggestion here is - to improve your typing speed and reduce stress on your hands, position your fingers close to the base position of your keyboard.

Do you want to take a challenge and force yourself to learn the key positions? Okay! Buy a Das Keyboard Ultimate because it is a blank keyboard. It will be useless even if you look at the keyboard. Does this sound challenging and interesting?

Your hands should be in comfortable position

Your keyboard should be at the center position of your hands. Whenever you type from an angle, your hands are placed in an uncomfortable position. You may even feel pain from typing from an angle for a long period of time. You should always type on a table so that your elbows can rest on the table. Do not bend or angle your writes too much. If you do this, this can slow down your typing speed and cause wrist pain.

Always use all ten fingers

We know everyone knows this tip but the beginners find it uncomfortable to use all ten fingers as it is new to them. Please note that the beginning is the hardest part of learning something new. The more you practice, all your fingers will be used to the keys.

Use a light touch

When you use your fingers to press the keys hard or even very hard, it brings fatigue for your fingers and wrists. Eventually, it decreases your productivity. You should always try to use the lightest touch possible. This way you can not only type fast but also for a long time. You should keep your nails short/clipped.

Use a keyboard you are comfortable with

There are different shapes and sizes of keyboards. But you should use the one that you are comfortable with. Another important thing is – the larger the key sizes are, the easier it will be to type. Besides, the keys should have enough resistance to inform you that the stroke has registered. This also helps to avoid accidentally hitting keys.

You need productive workspace

Your workspace must have these three features - (a) clean (b) properly ventilated and (c) comfortable. There should not be too bright or too dim light. Did you notice that it is hard to type in a dark or low light environment? Do not put your laptop and/or keyboard on your lap. Use a computer table instead. Use a chair that helps you to sit straight back. Your chair must be comfortable.

Give your eyes a break

If you continuously stare at your computer screen, you will experience eye fatigue. Eye fatigue will eventually slow down your typing speed. It is a good practice to look away from your computer screen from time to time. You can also walk away from your for a few minutes to take a break and return to your computer desk to resume typing.

Begin by practicing individual letters

You should start with not only the letters but also other individual keys such as numbers and symbols. Next, you should try to type words accurately. Finally, you should type sentences and paragraphs. This step by step process is easy and comfortable to follow. Take this typing test online to see how it works.

Before you go to check the free typing test WPM page, you want to try this fast typing words game.

Use basic keyboard shortcuts to navigate faster

When you use shortcuts, your hands are still on the keyboard. But when you use your mouse, your hands go away from the keyboard. Finally, your hand comes back on the keyboard. It consumes and/or wastes your valuable typing time. The less you save the mouse, the more time you save.

We have given a list of basic shortcuts so that you can learn right from here and start using them.

Sl. Platform Shortcuts Descriptions
1. Word File Ctrl + C Copy selected item
2. Word File Ctrl + X Cut selected item
3. Word File Ctrl + V Paste
4. Word File Ctrl + Z Undo
5. Word File Ctrl + S Save current file
6. Word File Ctrl + F Select the search box to search for word(s)
7. Word File Ctrl + A Select everything
8. Word File Shift + Left Arrow Select previous letter
9. Word File Shift + Right Arrow Select next letter
10. Word File Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Select previous word
11. Word File Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Select next word
12. Word File Ctrl + Left Arrow Navigate cursor to previous word without selecting
13. Word File Ctrl + Right Arrow Navigate cursor to next word without selecting
14. Word File Home Go to start of line
15. Word File End Go to end of line
16. Word File Page up Scroll up
17. Word File Page Down Scroll down
18. Browser Ctrl + Tab Move forward through tabs
19. Browser Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move back through tabs
20. Browser Ctrl + T Open a new tab
21. Browser Ctrl + W Close current tab
22. Browser Ctrl + Shift + T Open previously closed tab
23. Browser Ctrl + R Refresh current webpage
24. Browser Ctrl + N Open a new browser window
25. Browser Backspace Go back one page
26. Browser Shift + Backspace Go forward one page
27. Windows Alt + Tab Switch to next opened window
28. Windows Alt + F4 Close current window

Accuracy is more important than speed at the beginning

Some people try to achieve speed first and accuracy last. This is totally the wrong approach. Do not make this mistake. It is perfectly okay to slow down and try to be more accurate. When your accuracy goes up, you will eventually notice that your typing speed has also improved. When someone tries to improve typing speed first, they make a lot of mistakes. As a result, they need to hit the backspace key many times. This process not only wastes their time but also hampers and slows down their typing learning. Always remember that speed comes naturally with time and practice.

Save typing test results to measure your progress

Typing speed is usually measured in WPM unit in a typing speed test. Before you start any practice, take a typing test and save the score i.e. typing test WPM. Now you can start practicing. Time to time take a typing test and save your results. These results will help you to understand and analyze your progress over time.

Go to this free typing speed test online page to save your practice typing test results because this page offers free typing test WPM.

Join formal training from institutions

Did you know that there are government funded institutions and also non-government institutions that teach typing? They have computers and trainers in their training centers. Sometimes there is no course fee for the full course. You can join such a program and learn from experts. There are formal online courses. Joining one of these courses is another good idea to start your typing lessons.

If you have tried to learn by yourself but failed to see improvements in an online typing test or do not find free typing test lessons online helpful, a good alternative is to take a typing class. Your instructor can personally help you. Many schools, community colleges, and education programs offer typing or keyboard classes. So, you should check to see if your institution offers a typing class.

Pass all of our typing lessons

Do you know we have 144 free typing lessons? The good thing is - these tests indicate which finger you should use to type each letter or number. You can use the finger indicating images or ignore them when you are able to type without any additional help. These correct finger indicator images are given at the bottom of each test.

A small drop in accuracy means a big drop in typing speed

When you take an online typing test, you can check your test result statistics just after the test. If you notice carefully, you will find that a small mistake can reduce a small amount of accuracy but a big amount of typing speed. If you make several mistakes, your fast typing speed will be useless.

Participate in typing contests

Do you lack motivation to practice typing? How about participating in a typing competition? There are several online typing competitions. You should participate in one or more of these competitions. You will be able to see your position immediately. Then you can try to do better than other competitors.

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